The city public organization of the all-Russian society of disabled people was created in June, 1989 and totaled 56 people in the structure. It was headed by Valitov Alexander Mukhametovich . In different periods of time within 26 years the city public organization of the all-Russian society of disabled people was headed:
Valitov Alexander Mukhametovich - 1989.
Nikolaev Yuri Alexandrovich-1989. - 1990.
Tematow Ivan I. - 1990. - 1998.
Misharin, Andrey A. - 1998, 2001.
Tematow Ivan I. 2001. -2002.
Zmanovski Grigory Stepanovich - 2002 - 2007
Titova Galina Ivanovna-2007. - 2010.
Trudova Natalia - 2010. -2013.
Bulashova Lyubov Georgievna-2013. - 2015.
Lotov Alexander G. 2015.-2018
Karpenko Nina Alekseevna

In February 2004, the II city festival of handicapped persons was held under the title "Fate of a simple canvas". This festival brought together people who are deprived of health, but generously endowed with the tolant. The competition was attended by more than 30 people. Prizes were won: Gurova Alevtina G. Titova Galina Ivanovna Tyukina Lidiya Vasilyevna Shvets, Alexey Gordeyev. We are proud of our sporting achievements. In July 2003, there was a one-day marathon of wheelchair users, which set a noble and unique task - to believe in themselves, to show the unlimited possibilities of a person, even if they are limited to a physical illness. The marathon was attended by: Blagodetel Evgeniya Anatol'evna Zarubin Mikhail Vladimirovich Valitov Alexander Mukhametovich Zmanovsky Grigory Stepanovich Garkin Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Support group: Krivoshapov Natalya Fyodorovna Titova Galina Ivanovna Bosamykin Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Chikunova Maria Stepanova Sports team of persons with disabilities in the amount of 12 people took part in the district sports contest, which was held in June 2004 in Khanty-Mansiysk. The team took 5th place among 22 teams, won 5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. Especially distinguished: Zmanovsky Grigory Stepanovich Marina Ivannikova M. Blagodarev Evgeniya Anatol'evna Orlov Nikolay Yurievich Myakishev Andrey Vladimirovich These people demonstrated the fortitude and will to win. In the summer of 2004 the city public organization" all-Russian society of disabled people "took part in Plenum of district" all-Russian society of disabled people " on which the draft of the Federal law on replacement of privileges on monetary payments was discussed. Traditionally, on the eve of each significant event or holiday, the Board of the company holds events and meetings, which promote close communication of people, - people learn to be friends, to help each other, sing songs, execute ditties. Local poets read their poems: Nekrasova Ekaterina Markovna Zvada Andrey Nikolaevich Gurova Alevtina G. In honor of the 365-th anniversary of Khanty-Mansiysk, the public organization "all-Russian society of disabled people" was awarded an anniversary diploma for participation in the exhibition of achievements of enterprises and organizations. Works were presented at the exhibition: Galina Grigorievna Yelesina Zarubin Mikhail Vladimirovich Komarov Konstantin Anatolyevich Shlykova Illarion Aleksandrovich Social taxi and rehabilitation services are provided to persons with disabilities in order to overcome the limitations of life. Monthly allocated Spa vouchers with free travel. In 2004 4 disabled people received the car "Oka". The heads of city organizations provide constant assistance and support to the society of disabled people: Shcherbakova Irina Aleksandrovna Vlasov, Nikolai Borisovich Pershin Nikolay Pavlovich Pershin, Aleksandr Pavlovich Sobakin Sergey Nikolaevich Shmaruk, Bogdan A. Pashina Nadezhda Fedorovna Natalia Gennadievna Nuzhdina Eduard V. Lebedev The world is not without kind people. Thank you so much!